What is DevOps?

DevOps can be best explained as people working together to conceive, make and deliver secure software at top speed. DevOps practices enable software development( dev) and operations( ops) companies to accelerate delivery through automation, collaboration, fast feedback, and iterative enhancement.

Stemming from an Agile approach to software development, a DevOps process expands on thecross-functional approach of structure and shipping operations in a rapidly and more iterative manner. In borrowing a DevOps development process, you're making a decision to better the flow and value delivery of your application by encouraging a more collaborative environs at all stages of the development cycle.

DevOps represents a change in mindset for IT culture. In structure on top of Agile, lean practices, and systems proposition, DevOps focuses on incremental development and rapid-fire delivery of software. Success relies on the capability to produce a culture of responsibility, bettered collaboration, empathy, and common responsibility for business issues.


Benefits of DevOps

The business value of DevOps and the benefits of a DevOps culture lies in the capability to better the product context in order to deliver software quick with continuous enhancement. You need the capability to anticipate and respond to industry disruptors without detention. This becomes possible within an Agile software development process where companies are empowered to be independent and deliver quickly, reducing work in progress. Once this occurs, companies are suitable to respond to demands at the speed of the demand.

There are some fundamental conceptions that need to be put into action in order for DevOps to serve as designed, including the need to:

  • Remove institutionalized silos and handoffs that lead to roadblocks and constraints, particularly in cases where the measures of success for one company is in direct odds with another company‚Äôs key performance indicators( KPIs).
  • Apply a unified tool chain using a single application that allows multiple teams to participate and collaborate. This will enable teams to accelerate delivery and give fast feedback to one another.