What is kubernetes?

Kubernetes is an open source program that has come one of the most popularized container orchestration tools around; it allows you to deploy and manipulatemulti-container applications at scale.

While in trial Kubernetes is most frequently used with Docker, the most popular containerization platform, it can similarly work with any container system that conforms to the Open Container Initiative( OCI) standards for container image layouts and runtimes.

And because Kubernetes is open source, with relatively many restrictions on how it can be operated, it can be operated freely by anyone who wants to run containers, utmost anywhere they need to run them on- premises, in the public cloud, or both.


Benefits of Kubernetes

  • Control and automate deployments and updates.

  • Save money by optimizing infrastructural resources thanks to the further effective use of hardware.

  • Orchestrate containers on many hosts.

  • Solve numerous common challenges concluding by the accumulating of containers by classifying them in “ pods ”.

  • Scale resources and operations in real time.

  • Test and autocorrection of operations.